Barlow Outcomes Book 2018

BARLOWOUTCOMES BOOK 2018 1 WE HAVE REDESIGNED OUR BARLOW LOGO This new look honors our legacy and underscores our commitment to excellence. Patients still benefit from the same personalized expert care at Barlow Respiratory Hospital. Families still experience a welcoming inclusive atmosphere at Barlow Respiratory Hospital. Now, you’ll see it all in a new light with our new logo and our ongoing visual transformation. Barlow Respiratory Hospital is proud to present our annual Outcomes Book. This publication highlights our unique role in the continuum of adult acute respiratory care. We are the only not-for-profit long-termacute care hospital in California. We serve chronically critically ill andmedically complex patients referred to us by esteemedmedical professionals at the finest hospitals in California. Our commitment to provide the highest quality care for our patients is illustrated by the exceptional outcomes we report. As pioneers in the care of the chronically critically ill, Barlow Respiratory Hospital has treated and liberated more patients from prolonged mechanical ventilation than any other hospital in the nation. This high volume has helped us build expertise and develop innovative approaches to treat ventilator-dependent patients, most notably our published TIPS © weaning protocol. For ventilator-dependent patients, to regain the ability to breathe on their own is the most important outcome. For family members, the gift of having more time with a loved one is precious beyond measure. For any medical condition, no single outcome captures the details or the nuanced results of the care our patients receive. For many conditions we treat here at Barlow, defining a set of comprehensive outcomes is a process that our interdisciplinary team develops over time. Organizations like the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) continue to inform and inspire those processes. Improving outcomes and value is central to all we aspire to. Our team partners with patients and their families to focus on the needs of the patient. Our commitment to value and transparent reporting of accurate, timely information about patient care reflects Barlow Respiratory Hospital’s culture of continuous improvement and is designed to help referring physicians, patients, and families make informed decisions. We hope you find this information valuable. We welcome your feedback, questions, and ideas for collaboration. Please contact us at info @ . Sincerely, A M I T M O H A N , P H D , FA C H E , FA C M P E P R E S I D E N T & C H I E F E X E C U T I V E O F F I C E R DEAR COLLEAGUE, DAV I D R . N E L S O N , M D M E D I C A L D I R E C T O R